Asian Flush Videos


Informational videos

Videos about Asian Flush and ALDH2 Deficiency. These videos give you some great information and (mostly) keep it focused to Asian Flush education.

This super helpful video educates on Asian Flush, what causes it, and what it means to you.

This one can be a little tough to follow, but it has great sciency, technical info about Asian Flush

Quick and to the point with a clear explanation of ALDH2 Deficiency.

Delta Nutrassentials CEO explains acetaldehyde and ALDH2 Deficiency.

This video explores Asian Flush from an outsider’s perspective.

This is a quick, straight forward explanation of Asian Flush and ALDH2 Deficiency.

An explanation of why Alcohol Flush Reaction, or Asian Flush, isn’t an alcohol allergy.

At Home Videos

These videos are made at home but they give some insight into what Asian Flush is like, and some interesting topics related to managing Asian Glow.

While certainly not recommended, this video gives a first-hand account of using Pepcid for The Glow.

A serious but well-meaning and educaitonal video about Asian Flush and increased cancer risk.

A great and interesting approach to dealing Asian Flush: makeup instructions!

This video is a personal account from an Asian Flush “sufferer” and what it feels like.

Fun Asian Flush Videos

In these videos, the Asian Flush Ninja reveals some of the secrets to avoiding Asian Flush that date back thousands of years.

Have Asian Flush? Here is the secret to avoiding a shot while at the club.

Preventing Asian Flush the old fashion way, The Bartneder’s Steal

Asian Flush Ninja Secret #307 – The Mrs. Doubtfire. This one will keep you laughing.

Use the triple-pump action of the Hibbert Apparatus to avoid Asian Flush.