Hello! Asian Flush (aka Asian Glow) is a mystifying subject and we’re pleased to share what we know about the topic since it impacts a whole lot of people in the world (more than 1 billion). In your quest for more knowledge about Asian Flush, you may be asking, “Why does my face turn red when I drink alcohol?” This website is here to shed light on the topic by compiling many good sources on the background and science behind Asian Glow, as well as the remedies, cures, tips, tricks, solutions, and treatments out there that may help stop this red face reaction known as Asian Flush.

Technically, Asian Flush is also known as Alcohol Flush Reaction, and is the result of an inactive enzyme in the liver that is needed in order to break down alcohol. This inactive enzyme comes from a genetic condition called ALDH2 Deficiency (which may make us more susceptible to other health problems as well). Although ALDH2 Deficiency is most common in Asians, it is not exclusive to Asians. Other ethnicities like Irish, Scandinavian, and American Indians have also been found to experience Alcohol Flush Reaction. Alas, up to 40% of East Asians get Asian Flush, hence the nickname.

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